AgilePro DevOps delivers consulting, coaching, implementation and managed DevOps services. The practice covers the complete continuous software delivery lifecycle, and leverages the fastest growing DevOps talent pool south of the border ready to support, augment, accelerate or complement your DevOps transformation or acceleration plans.

AgilePro DevOps consultants will help you draft a delivery transformation plan to dramatically reduce the time it takes your organization to launch new digital initiatives. We do this through a holistic analysis of current delivery capabilities, skill and practices, providing a roadmap to quickly accelerate cycle time based on the largest areas of opportunity, business impact and speed of implementation.

A survey of more than 2000 technology leaders revealed that about 51% of CIOs think their business and IT organization are being engulfed by a torrent of digital opportunities. Yet they are concerned about their ability to respond in a timely fashion to ensure business success and cement the credibility of the IT organization.

Enter DevOps, a critical enterprise capability for continuous software delivery that enables organizations to capitalize on market opportunities and accelerate time to market.

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